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All services delivered through DNA Workplace are subjected to the highest quality standards. This ensures absolute precision for each test. 


The group have achieved 100% success on all external audits for the past 3 years, and DNA Workplace was the only provider UKAS has accredited to achieve 100% on both ISO:15189 and ISO:22870 on its first inspection. 


Laboratory Accreditations 


All pathology and viral testing are performed under ISO:15189:2012 accredited testing laboratories. Designed for medical excellence, this standard ensures the work delivered is accurate and the results can be relied upon for clinical use.



Designed specifically for Point of Care testing, DNA Workplace adhere to ISO:22870, ensuring the validation and monitoring of all point-of-care tests sold are to the highest standard. 



Drug, Alcohol, DNA and Genomic testing is performed by laboratories accredited under the forensic testing standard ISO:17025. The standard is designed to ensure that all samples are processed effectively from the point of collection through to the delivery of results. 


Information Security Accreditations


The group holds ISO:27001, achieving 100% precision for every external audit in the past 3 years. This demonstrates our commitment to data security and data privacy. With a robust implementation covering every area of the business and our supply chain, every team member is diligent with information security.


Cyber Essentials 

As a further commitment to information security, the business holds cyber essentials certification. This additional certification enhances our approach to information security.


Quality Standards

ISO:9001 Certification

ISO9001 is the foundation of the quality management operations at DNA Workplace. It is fully certified as part of DNA Worldwide Group and delivers all services under the framework of continual improvement. From robust business continuity planning to fully audited client support and adverse incident handling, every move within the business is covered. 


Copies of all certifications are available from our quality management team.

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