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Want to know how well your kidneys are functioning?
Your kidneys are responsible for keeping your body and your blood healthy by removing waste from the blood, balancing your fluids, regulating your blood pressure and many other roles which help to maintain overall homeostasis.


72 hours*
*from when the test arrives at the lab
A Kidney Function test investigates 6 markers which provide an insight into how well the kidneys are functioning. This test also allows you to monitor important electrolytes, Sodium and Chloride, which help to regulate your body fluids and have other important functions in the body.
The kidneys do an important job of controlling the amount of fluid (volume) in your body. They regulate fluid and electrolyte balance and filter your blood constantly by removing any unwanted waste, chemicals or excess fluid from the blood, which then leaves the body via urine. Fluid retention, high blood pressure or swelling are possible signs of reduced kidney function.
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Order Online Today 

Choose a test on our website, receive your kit at home and return to our laboratory using the returns mailer included.


Quick Result Turnaround

Our staff and laboratories work all day and night to ensure you get your report in record time.

We won’t keep you waiting!



Doctor Reports

Your blood results will be analysed by a team of expert clinicians, and a personalised results report is written by a registered doctor.


Monitor Your

Result Trends

Use our trend maps to monitor your results overtime, where you can view past test dates, results and see improvements, consistency, or declines.

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  • What's included in my health test kit?
    When you receive your test, the kit will have a set of instructions you can follow for collecting and returning your sample, a laboratory request form, prepaid returns mailer and either a finger-prick or venous blood sampling kit depending on the test you have ordered.
  • How should I take my sample?
    Depending on the test that you have ordered, your sample can either be taken as a self-adminstered finger-prick at home, or there is the option with all of our blood tests for you to arrange a professional to take a venous blood sample using a needle. You can see your collection method before your test is sent to you.
  • When should my sample be taken?
    It is important that your blood sample is taken on a Monday to Thursday, in the morning, and once the sample has been collected it should be posted back to our laboratory on the same day (before the last post collection) using the pre-paid returns envelope included in your test.
  • How does DNA Workplace protect my privacy?
    At DNA Workplace, we have a robust information security management system and are committed to protecting your privacy and personal data at all times. We are accredited to ISO 27001 and comply with UK GDPR regulations.

"Lifechanging – I wish I had this when I was in my early 20's and always had this relationship with my body! My weight has gone down and I feel more in tune with my health than ever before, I couldn't recommend these kits enough!"

Carpenter, 47

"I have always had intermittent high and low energy levels, but not enough to warrant a full medical investigation into it, whereas now I have any testing I want to do at my fingertips!"

Student, 24

"I thought blood testing was just when there is a problem, these kits showed me I can stay on top of my health before it becomes a problem!

Carer, 62

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