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The need for coronavirus testing

by David Nicholson March 14, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing a significant global impact on peoples lives and the economy. It is here for a number of months to come. 

Two common questions are coming up that screening can help with;

  • Have staff at my company or myself got COVID-19?

  • When is it safe to return to work and who should return?

The DNA Workplace Rapid COVID-19 testing kits are designed to support staff who are self-isolating to understand if they have coronavirus or another condition. 

Many organisations are planning to close offices, shut down production adhering to local government regulations. For some industries, they need to continue but take extra safety measures.  The question that is coming up is when are staff safe to return to work and how to we make sure people without symptoms are not going to be used to spread coronavirus through our company. 

Using the rapid screening kits, with just 1ml of blood and 10-15minutes you can establish if the person being tested has COVID-19 antibodies indicating they are in the early or late stages of having coronavirus. 

The kits are CE Marked work as a rapid screening tool. If a staff member tests positive they should seek immediate medical support. 


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