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Why do I need to be familiar with the company Drug & Alcohol policy?

Most companies have a Drug & Alcohol policy in place, however, how many are familiar with the terms of their policy? All organisations can benefit from an agreed policy on drug/alcohol misuse and it could be included as part of the overall health and safety policy.

If an employee tells you they have a drug or alcohol problem, an effective policy should aim to help and support them, rather than a dismissal. However, it should also highlight when you will take disciplinary or other action, for example that you will report drug possession or dealing at work to the police straight away, along with any of the following testing protocols that may be applicable to your industry:

  • For cause testing

  • Random testing

  • Routine testing

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Rehabilitation and monitoring

For more information on testing options or you would like to speak to an expert about reviewing your current Drug & Alcohol policy, get in touch with us today by calling 0203 943 8371 or


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