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If you are a business looking to test your workforce, we can tailor our COVID-19 Return To Work Program so that it meets the specific requirements of your organisation. We will work with you to determine when your staff need to be tested, for example in advance of being deployed, moving sites or starting work on a set. W can also provide the resources you need to carry out the testing procedure itself. This involves gaining consent from staff, ensuring everyone involved is wearing correct PPE, overseeing the testing and analysing and recording results.

Anyone who will be managing and overseeing the testing will be granted access to our online training course. This allows the program to take place at multiple sites, for example if your business has multiple facilities, factories or fleets. 

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The DNA Workplace Team is available to answer any of your questions via email or phone any day of the week. There is also the option of having a virtual DNA Workplace team member guide you through the entire testing process via our online portal. Appointments for this can be arranged at times which suit you.

On request, we will be able to send the full Return To Work Proposal to the relevant person within your organisation. 

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COVID-19 classically causes symptoms such as a dry persistent cough, fever and fatigue, but how do you know whether you are experiencing coronavirus, influenza or another similar infection with almost identical symptoms? The only way to understand exactly where you stand is to investigate the status of your immune system via testing.

Our Return To Work Program for businesses will also empower employers and managers to make informed decisions about how to safely and effectively run their organisation at this time, and support the wellbeing of their employees who are now able to be tested. In conjunction with government advice, we can support you to map out an in-depth plan as lockdown eases and staff are allowed to return to work.


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